Sunday, May 25, 2014

Miss Sylvia Damon Millinery Store

picture 1
posted with permission from the Sumas Senior Center
The millinery shop was located on Garfield Street facing south.  In was between Railroad and Cherry Streets.
Miss Sylvia Damon, according to the 1910 census, lived in Sumas with her 64 year old widowed mother, Ellen and her seven year old niece, Nada. (Sylvia's sister died in 1903)  Sylvia was born in Waupaca, Wisconsin about 1874 and her mother was born  about 1846.  
Sylvia's mother maiden name was Ellen Lucinda Axtell and she was born in Belgrade, Maine.  Her husband was Peter Damon who was born in 1834.  I cannot find any information on what happened to Peter Damon but his wife Ellen, ended up living with Sylvia to her old age. 
According to the 1910 Census, there was a boarder listed in their household by the name of Llewellyn Hopkins.  Later I found Llewellyn and Sylvia listed as husband and wife.
Sylvia died in 1959 and is buried just S of town in the Sumas Cemetery. 

Trimbell Brothers Blacksmith and Wagonshop

Posted with permission of the Sumas Senior Center
An important business in early Sumas!  The local blacksmith and wagon shop which was located on Cherry Street facing west between 3rd Street and Columbia Street.  
According to the 1900 Census, Edgar Trimbell, Proprietor, was a 42 years old blacksmith who was born in Wisconsin.  His wife, Carrie was 34 years old and from Ohio. They had the following children:  Cyrus was born about 1889, Joseph was born about 1892,  Myrtle born about 1897 and Clara who was born in 1900.
I haven't figured out who the brother is in the business.  I only found blacksmith named Trimbell mentioned in the census records.  The advertisement indicate there is a partnership.  This is worth looking in to.  
In the 1920 Twin Falls directory, Carrie Trimbell is listed as widowed and living near her son.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hotel Sumas and the Howell family...part 3 of 3

Posted with permission from the Cregan Marmont Collection
The gentleman standing on the locomotive was William Alfred Marmont, who lived with his parents in Bellingham, WA and worked for the Bellingham Bay and British Columbia Railroad.   In his travels with the railroad he met and later married Margaret Dorothy Howell.  Margaret was the daughter of Thomas and Ellen Howell who owned and ran Hotel Sumas.  According to Cregan Marmont  the couple met while he was boarding at the Hotel Sumas.
posted with permission from the Cregan Marmont Collection
Transcribed from the  back of the back of the above photograph:
Bellingham Bay and British (BB & C) railroad ran between Bellingham and Vancouver.  Burned wood.  Went up in the morning - come back at night. 
W. A. Marmont worked for the railroad 1891 - 1893 as wiper. (?)
Locomotive Engineer 1899 to 1902 at which date he left company to form his own company.  See letter from BB&B in file.
W.A. Marmont on Engine.
Posted with permission from the Cregan Marmont Collection
This letter is transcribed as followed:
Bellingham Bay and British Columbia Railroad
Office of Master Mechanic
Whatcom Wash. November 14th, 1902
To whom it may concern:
One bearer, W.A. Marmont was in the employ of this company as follows
Wiper 1891 to 1893
Locomotive Fireman 1893 to 1899
Locomotive Engineer 1899 to October 1902
at which date he left the company's service of his own accord.  Is a man of good character and a competent Locomotive Engineer.
Yours Truly,
(Signature is not legible)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Hotel Sumas and the Howell Family...part 2 of 3

Posted with permission from the Cregan Marmont Collection
This is a great photograph of the Howell family in Sumas, WA. 
Listed left to right as followed:
Front row: Teresa Howell (1885-1963)  and Henry Robert ( Hank)  Howell (1883-?)
Middle row:  James T. Howell (1868-1937),  Grandma Ellen (Shanahan) Howell  (1847-1919),  Thomas James Howell (1843-1920), Ellen Nellie Howell (1869-1942)
Back Row:  Mary Howell (1885-1963),  John (Jack) Shanahan Howell (1877-1948),  Thomas William Howell (1875-1918), Margaret Dorothy Howell (1874-1942)
The babies don't appear to be identified.
Posted with permission from the Cregan Marmont collection.
 The Howell family home in Sumas, Washington.  The exact location of this house in Sumas is not known.  As many of the original houses in Sumas they were usually torn down to make room for progress .  It looked like it was well kept and had what appeared to be a delightful garden in front .  
Posted with permission from the Cregan Marmont collection
This is a lovely picture of Margaret Dorothy Howell, a daughter of the proprietor of the Hotel Sumas.  If you observe the picture above you will recognize the fencing around the porch of the family house.  Margaret is seated next to the fencing enjoying the adoring gaze of the dog next to her.  If you look at the picture of the Hotel Sumas in my last posting you will see the same dog poised with the people on the front boardwalk. 
 I wonder if the Hotel Sumas is the white building in the background of this photograph.  I have no way of knowing for sure but it has the same basic shape.  Without knowing where their house was located we will probably never know. 
In my next posting we will learn about how young Margaret Howell met her future husband.