Monday, May 30, 2016

The first Decoration Day at Sumas City - 1891

The first Decoration Day in Sumas City 1891!  It looks as if the town was having a delightful picnic in the forest to commemorate Decoration Day. Notice on the left hand side of the photograph the musicians seated with their band equipment.  Sumas obviously hasn't been totally logged off yet and was still heavily wooded. 

Decoration Day was first established in 1868  by the Grand Army of the Republic.  It was a time to decorate the  Union Civil War veteran's grave and later convene for community picnics.  It was considered a day of remembering.  Finally by the turn of the 1900s the Confederate descendants merged their own day of remembrance and it became a time to remember all the fallen veterans.

Picture 1
 Picture posted with permission from the Jim West Collection

This photograph is probably the first picture taken of a Sumas town function. there is a penciled notation on the mat of the photograph stating, "The First Decoration Day at Sumas City, 1891".  This would have been taken in may of 1891 and Sumas was formally incorporated in June of 1891.  A truly historical moment! 

Now maybe we can try to identify some of the founding individuals of our town.

Picture 2
Posted with permission from the Jim West Collection

This is a cropped and enlarged section of Picture 1.  It is the far left side in which you can see the band members seated with their instruments.  Also notice the well dressed ladies seated on the bench with their back to the camera.

Picture 3
Posted with permission from the Jim West collection

This is another enlargement from picture 1.  This is also on the left side of the photograph but to the right of the band.  Again, everyone seems to be in their church going clothes.

Picture 4
Posted with permission from the Jim West Collection

Again, cropped from picture 1, a gathering of men and boys on the right side of photograph next to the large stump in the foreground.

Picture 5
Posted with permission from the Jim West collection

The speaker's stump in the foreground of the photograph.  I found a copy of this picture in another collection which labeled the two men as follows: " On the stand, Judge Rysdorph, speaker and Tom Nicklin, Master of ceremonies."

Picture 6
Posted with permission from the Jim West collection

The dapper gentleman on  the far right of the photograph. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Difficulty for law enforcement in Sumas, WA - April 3, 1925

Picture 1

Sumas News, April 3, 1925

Before we complain about the budget restraints of the Sumas Police Department, let review the issues that were at hand in 1925.  Sumas Deputy Gaston didn't even have a car in which to assist him in enforcing the laws.  It must have been a sad sight to see the poor Deputy at the side of the road watching the speeding traffic and unable to do anything about it.  It would be interesting to know what kind of a car finally was provided for Sumas law enforcement.