Sunday, April 24, 2016

Roger and Company Millinery Shop Opening in Sumas - 1910

This is a beautiful advertising postcard announces the newly opening Roger and Company Millinery Shop in Sumas, WA.  The shop celebrated it's opening March 16, 1910. This card was sent to Russ Lambert's wife, Carrie and was postmarked March 15, 1910.

Picture 1
 Posted with permission from Mary Lou Yurovchak Jones Collection.
Front side of the postcard.

Picture 2
Posted with permission from Mary Lou Yurovchak Jones's collection.  
reverse side of the postcard.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Playground at Sumas Grade School - 1963

Who remembers playing at the playground at the Sumas Grade School?  Recess was such a special time to enjoy the sunshine and to hang out with our classmates. Of course, I remember enjoying visiting our favorite playground monitor,  Mrs. Straka.

Picture 1
 Sumas News , September 12, 1963
Posted with permission from the Betty Snider Collection.

Sumas Roundup presentation given to the Whatcom Historical Society. March 11, 2016