Friday, September 4, 2015

Tidbits from the Sumas News, our hometown newspaper

Who remembers reading the Sumas News, our own newspaper?   According to the Chronicling America Website,  Sumas News existed under different managements from 1889 - 1965.  It was the local source of advertising and news for the region.  The articles were full of important local stories such as who was elected into positions in local clubs, and who is in the hospital and why.  Of course the ladies clamored for the advertisements and good deals offered by local businesses.

The Sumas News was published in the Hansen-Lochbaum building featured in the June 3, 2015 posting The building was later known as the Maple Leaf Tavern.

The following pictures are scans of advertisements in vintage Sumas News:

Picture 1
September 1, 1960
Who remembers dancing in the Huntsman Ballroom? It looked to be a classy place.

Picture 2
September 1, 1960
Nothing like a good end of the summer clearance sale at Linn's Hardware!
Picture 3

August 21, 1925
 In 1925 it  was appropriate to go to the Cigar Store to enjoy an ice cream sundae! 
I will be taking advantage of the wealth of information available in the old Sumas News.  I will be  sharing stories, tidbits and clippings in upcoming postings.