Monday, June 16, 2014

Sumas Roundup - "See 'Em Buck!"...part 9 of 15

Posted with permission from the Snider collection.

Another great Doubleday photograph.  I have heard of chuckwagon races, but I have never heard of stagecoach racing!  That would have been exciting to see.  I bet the stagecoach would have been really top heavy around the corners.    I wonder if there was any mishaps with the drivers or the horses.

There are more exciting postings of the Sumas Roundup coming up!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Sumas Roundup - "See 'Em Buck!"...part 8 of 15

picture 1
Posted with permission from the Snider collection
This is another action filled moment at the Sumas Roundup.  As in many of Doubleday's photographs it is full of drama and anticipation of what is happening  next.  Ralph Doubleday was a well known rodeo photographer who managed to perfect his techniques to capture rodeo action at its best.  He was believed to be the first photographer to catch the riders in midair.  He continued to follow the rodeo circuit throughout his life until his last trip in 1952.  He died June 30, 1958 and was buried in an unmarked grave in Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Council Bluff, Iowa.
I was unable to find out any information on Alex Williams, the unfortunate rider in the photograph. 

Tomorrow I will post another photo of rodeo action.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sumas Roundup - "See 'Em Buck!"...part 7 of 15

Posted with permission from the Snider Collection

Now for the action!  This is a very dramatic photograph labelled...
"Sweden taking header with Floyd Stilling. "  I certainly bet the cowboy, Floyd felt the pain! 
Photograph taken at the Sumas Roundup, circa 1926.

According to an interview published in the Los Angeles Times, Feb 21. 1988:
Floyd was born about October 11, 1904.  Floyd Stilling ran away from home from Pullman, WA at the age of 13 to ride the rodeos.  He broke horses for the United State Army  during World War One.  He then spent his teenage years riding in the T. O. Burroughs Wild West Show touring the country. 

Floyd had a girlfriend name Louise Hartwig who also rode in the rodeos.   At one rodeo he saddled her bronco for her and then left the chute without watching her ride.  He came back later to find that she was trampled to death during her ride.   

In 1926 Floyd  was the bull riding champion at New York's Madison Square Garden and then in 1927 he won the saddle bronc championship in Chicago.  Over the years he won numerous championships on the rodeo circuit.  He was inducted into the National Rodeo Hall of Fame in 1987.

In spite of many broken bones and a tough life, Floyd died April 20, 1995 at the age of 91.  He is buried at the Old Trail Town Cemetery in Cody, Wyoming.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sumas Roundup - "See 'Em Buck!"...part 6 of 15

Posted with permission from the Gannaway Collection

Another interesting picture of the Sumas Roundup in the mid 1920s.  This looks to be part of a procession or parade.  This is a fascinating picture taken by famous photographer, Doubleday, of  a team of oxen pulling a covered wagon.  The unknown gentleman riding the oxen appears to be dressed to resemble Buffalo Bill. What a show it would have been!

More on the Sumas Roundup in my next posting.

Sumas Roundup - "See 'Em Buck!"...part 5 of 15

Photograph posted with permission from the Gannaway Collection
Another picture of the Roundup Queen and Princess with the flag bearers and Charles M. Eneix  (in the middle) This picture is actually labelled as being in 1926.   This is a great view from the grandstand looking out over the rodeo grounds. 
Take a look at the announcers stand in the middle of the arena with a the American flag flying above it.  It appears to be supported on one pole!  there doesn't seen to be any supporting structure to hold it in place. There is only a ladder up the pole leading to the box.  
My next posting will start showing the action that the spectators got to enjoy. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Sumas Roundup - "See 'Em Buck!"...part 4 of 15

Posted with permission from the Gannaway Collection

Another view of the rodeo royalty with the flag bearers.  The man in the center is the President of the Sumas Roundup Association, Charles M. Eneix. This must be a different day then when the picture of the last posting was taken. The flag bearers seem to be on different horses with more elaborate tack.  Also the girls are on opposite sides leaving me doubt on which girls is which.  One of the girls is Queen Helen MacAdams and the other is Lucy Wells. 

More tomorrow! The roundup must go on!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sumas Roundup - "See 'Em Buck!"...part 3 of 15

Photo posted with permission from the Gannaway Collection 

Every rodeo needs a parade with pretty girls acting as the rodeo queen and princess!  Next to the British Flag riding as Queen is Helen MacAdam a young lady from the Okanagan region in British Columbia, Canada.  Next to the United States flag rides Alice Wells, a local Sumas girl acting as  the Princess. Alice was the  daughter of Jackson Wells and his wife Florence.  Jackson was the local proprietor of a barber shop.

Take notice of the large grandstand at the right!   According to the July 18, 1924 edition of the  Sumas News, the Grandstand could hold 7,000 spectators.  There were also bleachers that held many more paying individuals.  I am not certain which year this picture was taken.  The Roundup was at its peak from 1923 till 1929.

Watch for my next postings about the Sumas Roundup and learn about  the Cowboys and The Cowgirls who were involved!

Sumas Roundup - "See 'Em Buck"...part 2 of 15

picture 1
posted with person from the Snider family collection

This is a great picture of the proud members of the Sumas Roundup Association promoting the upcoming rodeo using one of the Hesselgrave's bus taken circa 1926.

Listed on the back of the photo were the following names:  
Red Thomas, Marshal Gaston, Jim Hesselgrave,  C.M. Eneix (Charles Eneix owned the Meat Market), Roy Gargett ( Roy Gargett owned a general mercantile store)  and Art Linn (Art Linn owned a Groceries Store).  Unfortunately there is nine men in the photograph (not including the shadow of the photographer) and only six names. I have no way of identifying which of the men is which.  I would appreciate any feedback. 

In my next posting you will see what the excitement was all about!  It was truly an extravaganza. 


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sumas Roundup - "See 'Em Buck!"...part 1 of 15

picture 1
 Scanned with permission from the Morgan family collection

From 1923 until 1930 Sumas, Washington was home to a  pro rodeo that attracted cowboys from both Canada and the United States.  In 1925, the attendance was 35,000 people with over 10,000 coming down from Canada.  This rodeo was at par with the famed Pendleton Roundup in Pendleton, Oregon.  Many of the cowboys followed the rodeo circuits and went from to the other.

The Sumas Roundup Association was formed by following Sumas businessmen. C.M. Eneix,  A.W. Linn, C.L. Miller, C.D. Soule, and George I. Dunlap. 

The Start of the Sumas Roundup rose up from a little fair that was held in Sumas.  When the fair building burned down in 1923;  the townsmen decided to hold a rodeo as a supplement to the annual fair. The rodeo was such a rousing success it was decided to do away with the fair and focus totally on the Roundup. 

Over the next few postings I will be sharing exciting photos and stories of the little remembered Sumas Roundup, which was once a crowning glory for our town.

picture 2
picture 3
This brochure advertises the 1928 Sumas Roundup and lists the events, prizes, rules and includes an entry form.