Friday, October 24, 2014

First prize float at the Sumas Rodeo parade - 1923, Miller and Sons shingle mill

This is a delightful series of photographs of the first prize winning float of the Sumas Rodeo parade of 1923, kindly shared by Mr. M. Miller.  According to Mr. Miller, the rodeo in 1923 was known as the 'Sumas Rodeo'.  The name was changed to 'Sumas Roundup' the following year. 
Mr. Miller's grandfather, Clarence Leonidas "Leon" Miller ran 'Miller and Sons Shingle Mill' in Sumas.  Clarence was an active local businessman and involved with the Sumas Roundup over the years.  He served as treasurer of the Sumas Roundup Association.  
The photo below, shows the float that won first prize in the Sumas Rodeo parade, 22 September, 1923.   According to Mr. Miller, it was used as a playhouse after the parade by his father (pictured in the bottom photo) and still used through the 1960s and into the 1970s by Mr. M. Miller as well.
I bet they were the envy of all of the kids in the neighborhood!

 Posted with permission from the M. Miller's collection
 Posted with permission from Mr. M. Miller's collection
Posted with permission from Mr. M. Miller's collection

In my next posting, let's start to explore the history of the lumber industry in Sumas by looking at the shingle mill owned and operated by Miller and Son's and what it meant for the community.

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