Saturday, February 21, 2015

The incredible moving Mt. Baker!

You will recognize picture 1 from my posting, 'Floods of Sumas - Part 1 of 1- featuring  early floods' which I posted 27 January, 2015.  The view is a classic, looking SE from the top of Moe Hill on the W side of Sumas down onto the early (flooded) city.  Mr. John Linn, an observant reader, pointed out a very interesting feature in the photograph.   He reminded me that we can not see Mt. Baker from Sumas on a cloudy day.  Picture 1 shows Sumas on a cloudy day, yet, we can see Mt. Baker! So, as it turns out, the photographer not only added it into the photograph (in the wrong location!), but felt that he needed to improve the mountain by making it pointy.  Perhaps he had never seen the mountain to know where it was located or he wanted to compose the picture better.  We may never know.

Picture 1
Posted with permission from the Gannaway Collection
 A photograph with Mt. Baker cleverly painted where the artist wanted to place it.

Picture 2
Posted with permission of Mr. John Linn
 Due to creative computer work, Mr. John Linn was able to superimposed Google Earth over the vintage photograph from 1917. You will see that Mt. Baker is really on the far left side of the picture and not nestled in the saddle, artistically centered, as the original photographer wanted his viewer to think.
Thank you, Mr. Linn for your observations and your keen eyes! 

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