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The rise and fall of the Hansen - Lochbaum Building. (Also known as the Maple Leaf Tavern)

Picture 1
Photograph posted with the permission of the City of Sumas
The Hansen-Lochbaum Building was the home of the Sumas News .  The building was built in 1912 on the west side of the Cherry Street facing  towards the east on the north corner of Harrison Street. Moe's Hill (as it is currently known) is visible in the background. The Sumas News was in operation from 1889 until November 25, 1965 and was an important source of information for the local region.  According to the National Endowment of for the Humanity website, "Chronicling America.",  the publisher was L.A. Lymburner.

Picture 2
1914 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map (Portion)
Posted with permission of the City of Sumas
The red arrow at the top right hand side of the map shows where the Sumas News building was located.  At the time that this map was printed the Hansen-Lochbaum Building was newly built.  The top of the map is north and you can see where the Canada border is marked.
Picture 3

Photograph posted with permission of the City of Sumas 

After the Sumas News ceased production, the building was converted to the lively Maple Leaf Tavern.  A favored nightspot frequented by Americans and Canadians alike.  An aerial view of the Maple Leaf tavern can be seen on my earlier posting from March 25, 2014 .
Picture 4
Posted with permission of the City of Sumas

 In 1988 the lovely old building was finally torn down to accommodate the traffic lanes for the soon to be constructed current United State Customs and Immigration building.  The sad end  of a grand old building.
Picture 5

 Posted with permission of the City of Sumas
Picture 6
Posted with permission of the City of Sumas

In the background on the left side of the picture, Moe Hill is clearly visible.  To the right of the demolition is the traffic lane for the 3rd Customs and Immigration Building.

Picture 7

Posted with permission of the City of Sumas
With the Hansen -Lochbaum Building mostly torn down the 3rd customs and Immigration Building's distinctive barn shaped roof is prominent in the background.  It was later moved to another location. 

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