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Sumas Veterans_2 of 2_Harvey Canfield (1848-1916)

Civil War veteran, Harvey Canfield in Sumas, WA...1898
picture 1
posted with permission from the J. West family collection
This is an rare, very early photograph taken 14 March, 1898. According to the faded handwriting on the back of the photograph this site is located "1 1/2 miles from Sumas, WA" and the gentleman posing is Harvey Canfield.  The landscape is flat with no hills visible which probably means that the photographer is facing southwest away from the mountains.  The field looks newly logged off and there is still lots of large trees nearby.  It looks as if a little orchard is planted to the right of the cottage. The ground in front of the cottage looks rough and full of  discarded plant debris. (cabbage leaves?)  Certainly a bachelor quarters. 

picture 2
posted with permission from the J. West family collection

This detail of picture 1 shows Mr.Harvey Canfield. He is posed with a 4 button coat, tall muddy boots and bowler hat outside the cottage. 

Harvey was a veteran of the Civil War having served in the Union Army. In the 1880 United State Census, he (who was born in either 1848 or 1849 in Michigan) was working as a farm hand in Oakfield, Michigan and was single.  According to the 1910 United State Census (twelve years after picture 1 was taken), Harvey owned his own land and home. He was listed as a single widower, living in Sumas and as having fathered a child, who was not living with him. 

Upon further research on I found that he served in Company A, 18th Michigan Infantry. He also served for a time in Co A. 9th Michigan Infantry.  He was mustered out of the army 16 September, 1865. Due to numerous health issues he was admitted to the National Home for Disabled Soldiers in Tennessee February 1916.   Later, he was transferred to another Soldiers Home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he was cared for from August until October.

In the records of the National Home for Disabled Soldier's his closest relative was listed as a nephew named William Canfield who lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There is no listing of a son or daughter.   Harvey Canfield died 7 November, 1916 and was buried in the Marion National Cemetery in Marion, Indiana.

Please watch for my next posting about another historical house in Sumas.  

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