Monday, January 11, 2016

Icy Sumas - January 1975

The silver thaws that use to hit the Sumas region was always an awesome and dangerous sight.  Often accompanied by downed power lines and broken limbs, the  simmering surreal landscape was a beautiful to look at.  However, driving or walking was nearly impossible as all surfaces were encased in ice.  One could hear the snapping of the branches and the tinkle of the ice as they broke and fell to the ground.  

Picture 1
 Photograph posted with permission from photographer, Ivan Miesuk
Photograph taken in January of 1975.

This is looking north up Cherry Street towards the border.  The left side of the street is where the Pay and Run Gas Station currently is located.   At this time there was no business there and the trees lined the street.   Every few years the city would trim the tree back so they would be trunks with hardly any branches.  

Picture 2
Photograph posted with permission from photographer, Ivan Miesuk. 
 Photograph taken in January 1975.

Looking the opposite direction from picture 1. This is looking south on Cherry Street towards the end of the town.. Today Pay and Run Gas Station is on the right side of the street and the Sumas Drug Store is just pass it.  The trees and vacant lots are long gone.

Tomorrow I will be posting more winter wonderland pictures of Sumas.

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