Sunday, February 7, 2016

Snowy Sumas - 1950 - part 1 of 2

 These two photograph of the 1950 blizzard were generously shared by former Sumas resident, Mr. John Linn. 

Picture 1

Posted with permission from the John Linn collection. Photograph taken by Larry Linn.
According to Mr. John Linn, this photograph was taken looking east towards Vedder Mountain and Cultus Lake between Hillview Dairy and Floyd Anderson's Farm.  This was located on the Hillview Road. The man next to the panel truck was John Linn's father, Vern Linn.  (Vern Linn was the proprietor of  Linn's Hardware Store in Sumas).

Picture 2

Photograph posted with permission from the John Linn Collection. Photograph taken by Vern Linn.
This picture is looking northwest up the valley towards Chilliwack in Canada.  John Linn's brother, Lawrence Linn is standing on top of a snow drift.  Floyd Anderson's roof is visible under the snow. 

Picture 3
Illustration using Google Earth to put the location in context.

Thank you Mr. Linn for reminding us about the strong blizzards we used to get in Sumas that used to bring everything to a halt.

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