Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wee Drop Inn, a popular eating place in Sumas, WA. Circa 1955 - 1970

Who remembers eating at the Wee Drop Inn?  This is a menu from the Wee Drop Inn which was north of the Sumas City Hall on the west side of Cherry Street.  It was owned and operated by Bob and Lily Breining from approximately 1955 till it's closing in 1970.  The date of this menu is unknown,but you will noticed that the most expensive meal is the T-Bone Steak with a shrimp or crab cocktail for $3.75.

Picture 1
Posted with permission from the Betty Snider Collection

Page 2
Posted with permission from the Betty Snider Collection

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Posted with permission from the Betty Snider collection

picture 4
Posted with permission of the City of Sumas.

The Wee Drop Inn is visible on the left side of the street in between the City Hall and Bromley's IGA Grocery Store.

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  1. I used to eat lunch at the Wee Drop inn in the early 1940s. Russ Lambert was my great uncle and Sid Lambert was my uncle. My great great grandfather built a log cabin on the Easterbrook Road where my faher and I were born.
    I'm presently writing a book on the history of Sumas==glad to see the Sumas Museum startup.

  2. I am delighted to see you are visiting my blog. I would love to talk with you about Sumas history! Can you please contact me at Thank you!