Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sumas Baptist Church - 1910

Sumas Baptist Church about 1910.  This was supposedly later converted to the Christian Reformed Church in Sumas.   It has been since torn down although I do not know when.   Maybe someone will have that information.  
This is a cupola south of Sumas on someone's private property.  It appears to be from the steeple of the above pictured church.   Does anyone have any information on it?


  1. Possibly demolished after 1986 to early 1990's. I think Romberg Construction demolished the church and Mr. Romberg brought the cupola to his home and
    placed it there. Possibly check the City of Sumas demolition permits.
    "Uncle Warnie" may know (?), I thought they lived in the old parsonage. Heather

    1. Thanks for the response. I will look into it. Was the parsonage moved to a new location? I hate to see beautiful old buildings destroyed.