Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sumas Roundup - "See 'Em Buck!"...part 3 of 15

Photo posted with permission from the Gannaway Collection 

Every rodeo needs a parade with pretty girls acting as the rodeo queen and princess!  Next to the British Flag riding as Queen is Helen MacAdam a young lady from the Okanagan region in British Columbia, Canada.  Next to the United States flag rides Alice Wells, a local Sumas girl acting as  the Princess. Alice was the  daughter of Jackson Wells and his wife Florence.  Jackson was the local proprietor of a barber shop.

Take notice of the large grandstand at the right!   According to the July 18, 1924 edition of the  Sumas News, the Grandstand could hold 7,000 spectators.  There were also bleachers that held many more paying individuals.  I am not certain which year this picture was taken.  The Roundup was at its peak from 1923 till 1929.

Watch for my next postings about the Sumas Roundup and learn about  the Cowboys and The Cowgirls who were involved!

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