Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sumas Roundup - "See 'Em Buck"...part 2 of 15

picture 1
posted with person from the Snider family collection

This is a great picture of the proud members of the Sumas Roundup Association promoting the upcoming rodeo using one of the Hesselgrave's bus taken circa 1926.

Listed on the back of the photo were the following names:  
Red Thomas, Marshal Gaston, Jim Hesselgrave,  C.M. Eneix (Charles Eneix owned the Meat Market), Roy Gargett ( Roy Gargett owned a general mercantile store)  and Art Linn (Art Linn owned a Groceries Store).  Unfortunately there is nine men in the photograph (not including the shadow of the photographer) and only six names. I have no way of identifying which of the men is which.  I would appreciate any feedback. 

In my next posting you will see what the excitement was all about!  It was truly an extravaganza. 


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