Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sumas Community Day - August 30, 1958 Part 1 of 2

This upcoming Saturday, June 27th, 2015, our fine town of Sumas will gather and share a bit of community spirit on Sumas Days.  The park will be filled with festive venders, games and of course the annual Car Show which brings vintage car collectors in with their classics with pride.  Of course there will be the Sumas Days Parade in which the families will line the street watching for the bands, floats and fire engines to go by.  In the evening will be the firework show which is always a big crowd pleaser.  Sumas Community Days has been a yearly tradition for years!
However, Sumas Community Days have not always been a June tradition.  August 30, 1958, a photographer captured the parade in all of its glory.  As you will notice in the pictures the huge amount of work that went into the Sumas Day Parade! 

Picture 1
 Photograph posted with permission from the Crouse family collection.
This is looking north from the center of the block on Cherry Street.  The ivy covered City Hall on the left is on the northwest corner of Cherry and First Street.   The flags are up and people are gathering to see the upcoming parade.
Picture 2
 Photograph posted with permission from the Crouse family collection.
The Nooksack Valley High School making it proud march heading south on Cherry Street.   They are crossing the intersection of Cherry Street and First Street.

Picture 3

 The Sumas Legion float with the lovely Sumas Royalty.   The ladies are shown in picture  4.  This is looking north on Garfield Street.  The Grand Hotel in the background is facing onto Cherry Street.

Picture 4
Photograph posted with permission from the Crouse family collection.
According to the labeling of the photograph,  "Queens Vicki,  Judy and Annette."
Picture 5

Posted with permission from the Crouse family collection
Queen Judy from the Sumas Legion Float.
Photograph 6

Photograph posted with permission from the Crouse family collection.
Everson Float headed south on Cherry Street in front of the Grand Hotel. This was on the southeast corner of Cherry and Garfield Street.
Picture 7

Janis Fisher in the Sumas Community Parade, August 30, 1958.
I hope you enjoyed this wonderful peek into Sumas Community Days past.  Tomorrow, I will post more delightful pictures of the parade of August 30th, 1958.

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