Wednesday, April 2, 2014

International Boundary markers @ Sumas (part 2 of 4)

 Photograph #1
 Taken by Deborah Morgan, 28 March, 2014
Compared to the large, wooden, International Boundary marker originally placed at Sumas, Photograph #1 shows the current markers are rather unassuming.  I took a picture of one of the markers (this one is polished metal with a concrete base) approx. 8 miles W of Sumas, just S of the intersection of 0 Ave. and Defehr Rd..  We are looking NW across the border into Canada, with agricultural fields and greenhouses in the background. I was standing on the N edge of Boundary Rd.  Boundary Rd. runs parallel to the border on the US side, while 0 Ave. runs parallel on the Canadian side.
Photograph #2
 Taken by Deborah Morgan, 28 March, 2014
Photo taken in Canada, facing S towards the United States.
Photograph #2 is of a small stone cairn which was placed on the International Boundary just E of the point of entry lanes at Canada Customs (Sumas is in the background).  The chain link fence just behind the cairn is in the US.  This isn't an official border marker (although the cairn is on the International Boundary) but a proud commemoration by the town of Huntington for the 100th Anniversary of border service at the Port of Huntington.  
The brass plaque on the north face of the cairn is dedicated as follows,
This tree was dedicated on July 1, 1997 to commemorate 100 years of service at the port of Huntington.    1897-1997"
This information is repeated in French.   I don't know what kind of tree is next to the marker but when it leafs out, maybe we will be able to tell what it is. Although the cairn is in full view, there is no public access. In order to approach this cairn you need to ask permission from one the Canadian Port Officers.  An escort was cheerfully provided due to border security.  Make sure you check in at the Customs office first. 

Photograph taken by Deborah Morgan, March 28, 2014
Photograph #3 is the W side of the cairn (looking NE) with 'the tree' in view on the right.   
My next posting will be informational.  I will be sharing links and resources that help follow the local history trail.  I also will also recognize some great organizations that have been supporting my blog.
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