Saturday, April 19, 2014

International Boundary Markers @ Sumas (part 4 of 4)

Postcard (front and back, sent from Sumas, WA s to Weatherford, Texas)
postmarked  12 March, 1910
Posted with permission from the collection of local historian, Wes Gannaway .
This picture is interesting on many different levels.  The main subject is the 2 story building used by U.S. Immigration as a Detention House.  You can also see 2 windmills, one on the left side of the picture and on behind the right side of the building. I will be discussing this interesting building and the windmills at a future time as they deserve their own post. 
We are looking West and can see Moe's Hill in the background.  I was excited to recently find this postcard amongst a set showing local features from the Gannaway Collection, as it shows contextually the International Boundary Marker on the top of Moe's Hill in the upper right side of the picture.  This picture was taken from a point near the local RR right of way.  On top of the hill you will see the Marker proudly pointed out by a hand (drawn in ink).   
On the back of the card is written in ink:  "This is the U.S. Detention House.  Monument seen on top mark the Boundary between U.S. and Canada.  CHB"
I will be moving on to a different subject on my next post.  There is much to share.  Thanks for viewing my blog.

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