Monday, April 7, 2014

Resources and References

Photograph taken by Deborah Morgan, 2014
Cherry blossoms at Bromley's Parking Lot.

Since I started this blog, I became aware of how much is available for reference for local history.  I found nothing but enthusiasm and help from local people.  This is much appreciated.   I wish to use this posting to recognize my sources.

I recommend a visit to the Nooksack Valley History Project at the Everson branch of the Whatcom County Library System.   Great Job!  (They also have the library edition of Ancestry available for public use!)

Also Thanks to Troy Luginbill of the Lynden Pioneer Museum.  (I suggest you visit the Lynden Pioneer Museum and allow yourself plenty of time to view the exhibits!)

Please also take the time to head up to Abbotsford and visit the Reach Gallery Museum.  They have an interesting modern art gallery.

I wish to thank the following people for their support and sharing their stories and pictures:

Mayor of Sumas, Bob Bromley
Rod Fadden
Jospehine Fadden
Doug Miller
Ivan and Becky Miesuk
Warren Dale
The good people at the Sumas Drug Store (Thank You, Doug!)

I have received lots of help from Jeffery Jewell at the Whatcom Museum Archives, Bellingham.  He directed me to many great pictures that added interest to my blog.

I am also pleased to say that 'Cyndie's List' (a great online genealogical resource), generously listed a link for my blog which has increased my readership.    I recommend their great website!

I also wish to thank my supportive husband, David Morgan, who has diligently proofread my postings and shared great ideas with me.

I know I have forgotten many people who has been helpful to me and for this I apologize!  

Local Reading List!

Many of these books are out of print.   They can be found in used book stores and the Whatcom County Library System.
'Boundary Town' by Roy Franklin Jones  
..a definitive book on the early years of Sumas, WA.  It is currently out of print but is available from the Whatcom County Library System.
'One Book on the Border,  the history of Sumas Prairie and area' by the Sumas Prairie & Area Historical Society. 
This is another out of print book which is focused on the Canadian Side of the border.  This book is also available in the Whatcom County Library System. 
'The Fourth Corner' by Lelah Edson Jackson 
A good county history book.
'Nooksack Tales and Trails' by Percival Robert Jeffcott
A must read!
'History of Whatcom County'  by Lottie Roeder Roth 
This is consider one of the more complete Whatcom County history in a  two book set.
'Skqee Mus or Pioneer days on the Nooksack'  by Robert Emmett Hawley
'The Nooksacht's Trail and Crossing'  by James Berg

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