Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cherry Street , Sumas, Washington - Circa 1950

Picture 1

Posted with permission from the Gannaway family collection.
This charming photograph shows the  intersection of First and Cherry Street looking northwards towards the Canadian Border, circa 1950. On the right is the I.O.O.F. building with Linn's Hardware Store and the Grand Hotel behind it. The Caribou Tavern occupied space on the ground floor of the Grand Hotel. On the left side of the street is the ivy covered Town Hall.
According to correspondence with Mr. Linn, The businesses in the pictures were as followed:
On the left, first block:
    City Hall, Jim Bromley's Barber Shop, Wee Drop Inn Restaurant, Bill Hesselgrave's   Sumas Garage.  
On the left, 2nd block:
   Post/West Grocery, Nyland's Sumas Mercantile.
Directly at the end of Cherry Street:
  Canadian Customs/Immigration Building
On the right, first block:
  Linn's Hardware Store, Grand Hotel (In the bottom of the Grand Hotel: International Drug Store,    Caribou Tavern, Handerson' s  Restaurant).
On the right, 2nd block:
   On the bottom floor of the Eneix Building, Al Piro's Drug Store, Washington  State Liquor Store, Bishop's Meat Shop.
Picture 2
Photograph taken by Deborah Morgan, March 6, 2015
Looking north at the same intersection shown in Picture 1 from the same spot.   The I.O.O.F. building is long gone as well as the Grand Hotel.  There is a small mostly vacant strip mall with a liquor store and its parking lot where Linn's Hardware store once stood.  Where the Grand Hotel used to be there  is a parking lot and an empty restaurant building. The city hall is in the same location minus the ivy with  modern siding on it. It almost doesn't look like the same town.
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  1. Thank you for putting together this website! Those of us who grew up here are blessed by your efforts!

  2. Thanks Susan for the compliment. I feel blessed living in this wonderful historical town.