Friday, March 13, 2015

Service Stations of Sumas Part 1 - Central Gas Station

Remember when service stations actually gave their customer's service.  Not the self- serve mini-marts where people buy energy drinks and potato chips, but old fashion service.  Where the young men would actually fill up the gas tank for you and checked your oil.  They would often clean your window and put air in your tires. You left feeling you were given your money worth.

picture 1
Posted with permission from the Sumas Library's collection

The picturesque little Central Gas Station was on the northeast corner of Cherry and 2nd Street.  Be certain to notice the station provided clean rest room ( a major selling point) behind the station.  The Sumas Methodist Church was behind the Service Station.  The date of the photograph is unknown.

 picture 2
 Posted with permission from the Sumas Library's collection
Date of photograph is unknown (perhaps early 1950s?)

Picture 3

Posted with permission from the Sumas Library's Collection

Proprietor Bill Edwards proudly standing next to the pumps at Central Service Station advertising the Fire Chief Texaco fuel.  Bill Edwards later closed the gas station after opening the NAPA Auto Parts house and mechanic shop in Cherry Street and Third Street.  His son is currently still operating the Parts House and Mechanic shop in Sumas.

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