Sunday, March 15, 2015

North end of town in Early Sumas

Picture 1
 Posted with permission from Mr. Linn's collection
A snowy picture of early Sumas, Washington looking east towards the mountains.  We are looking  up Harrison Street near the vicinity of the Canadian boundary line.  In the foreground is the Milwaukee/ BBBC Railroads Depot.   Mr. John Linn pointed out that there is a plank trail leading into the swamps west of the depot. He said it was used into the 1950s and was known as the "Depot Trail".

Looking to the left notice the U.S. Saloon, The Canadian boundary runs to the left of the Saloon and can be seen scarring the mountains.  Also notice to the right side of Harrison Avenue, Gillie's Mill office.  

This is an older photograph which is estimated to be from 1905.

picture 2
Posted with permission from the Gannaway Collection
This picture is obviously taken without the snow, but is a continuation of picture 1, looking north east.  There is an overlap where you can see the U.S Saloon in both pictures.  Behind the U.S. Saloon is the U.S. Hotel facing the border.  The large barn across the street from the hotel I believe is in Canada.  The border runs in the middle of the street and between the train stations.  The town of    Huntington is still early in development and is mostly just cleared land.
Picture 3
Close up details of Picture 2 with areas identified by John Linn
Thanks to the sharp eyes of Mr. John Linn, we can see the faint lines of Sumas Lake in the background of picture 2.  Mr. John Linn enlarged the area under Vedder Mountain and identified the localities.
This is a fascination early look at Sumas. This reminds us that the wilderness and lumber was still surrounding the town site at this time.

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