Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sumas, WA...Then (1970) and Now (2014)

Photograph taken by Burl Beane ca. 1970

Photograph taken March  16, 2014

'Sumas, WA...Then and Now'
The top photograph was taken here in town by my father ca. 1970 on a beautiful, pre-dawn, winter morning (see the snow).  The bottom photo was taken by me this morning at the same location some 45 years later (in the rain). We are facing SE, standing on the sidewalk, on the east side of Lawson Street (Lawson runs North/South), between 1st and 2nd Streets, some 3 1/2 blocks S of the International Boundary. The pictures were taken in front of the house I grew up in and the view was a source of pride for my father.  He was proud to say that he could see Mount Baker (our local volcano) from his front door.  Mt. Baker is the large mountain peak on the horizon some 40 miles away.

Today the view is somewhat different.  The nearest house and empty lots have been replaced by the large yellow building which is apartment housing for Seniors.  Not visible (behind the Seniors building) is the Sumas Library (built in 1990). The large house in the right background in the original photo is till standing but is also obscured by the apartment complex.  The only thing that is the same in the photograph is the telephone pole.  So much for my father's mountain view. 

This is simply a fascinating study on the changes that occur over time. The empty lot I used to play in is no longer there.  We simply didn't know how lucky we were.

BTW, Hello to all my new readers! See you tomorrow.

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