Saturday, March 29, 2014

Third U.S. Border Station (part 3.2 of 3 )

Photograph taken by Burl B. Beane, November 1990, facing SW on a cloudy (rainy?) day.  The southern, wooded slope Moe's Hill is on the right.  The new 4th US Border Station is on left, rear. 
I intended to do a posting about the history of the border markers along the border.  However, another picture surfaced that needed to be shared regarding the moving of the 3rd Border Station, this time with the building elevated on the moving dollies.  Interesting!  It is truly amazing that they managed to move the brick building and keep it intact!  The story of the moving of this wonderful, historical building can be found in my post "Sumas Border Station (Part 3 of 3), 24th Mar, 2014".  The building weighed 714 tons on the wheeled carriage!  It would have been really something to see. 
My next post will involve the present and past International border markers.  Thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. I was 11 years old when this building was moved & I remember watching the whole process from the Arthur J. Humphries brokerage building directly across the street when my mom worked. It was pretty amazing to watch.

  2. It was such a monumental task to move that building! I wish it was being properly maintained now.