Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sumas, WA - July 1982 - an aerial view of the northern part of Sumas.

 Scanned with permission of and from the collection of Mr. B. Bromley.
Photograph #1 is a wonderful aerial view of Sumas, WA, as it was in July, 1982 oriented NNW.  Photograph #2 identifies the main landmarks and business.
Key photograph
1.  Canadian Border Station
2.  United States Border Station
3.  Maple Leaf Tavern
4.  Elenbaas Feed Store  (The old Gillies Building which was the 2nd Customs Station and O.K.   Garage...(see 30 January, 2014 post)
5.  Norman G. Jensen custom broker
6.  Duty Free Store
7.  "76" gas station
8.  American Legion Hall ( Post #212)
9.  B & B Tavern with Sumas Drug Store at SW corner of building
10.  Unoccupied building (originally the Bowling Alley)
11.  St. Anne's Catholic Church
12. Wee Drop Inn, later known as Desperado's Saloon
13.  Bromley's I.G.A. (2nd store), originally the Sumas Mercantile
14.  Barkerville Tavern
15.  Elenbaas Feed and Seed Mill
16. The eastern slope of  Moe's Hill
I will be referring to this picture in future posts as I highlight the individual businesses and landmarks that help tell the story of Sumas. 
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