Friday, March 14, 2014

A drive down Cherry Street Ca. 1965-1970

 Scanned and posted with permission from the Sumas City Hall.
A delightful drive down memory lane!  This is how I remember Sumas from my childhood. This picture was taken between 1965 to 1970. This is looking north on Cherry Street at the intersection of First Street.  At the left in the foreground (on the N W corner of the intersection) you can see the city hall with the flag on top.  The laundry sign seen above City Hall is actually attached to the front of the Sumas Laundry building on the south side of the intersection! Across the street is the Sumas True Value Hardware Store owned at this time by Richard (Dick) Lloyd  Dickerboom. North of the City Hall you can see the Wee Drop Inn, a tavern/café, then owned by Robert and Lily Breining. Further north up Cherry Street, Dick Bromley owned the IGA Grocery Store.  Bob Mitchell owned the drugstore that was on the east side of Cherry Street, across from the IGA store.
Photograph taken by Deborah Morgan, March 14, 2014

This is a composite photograph of the same intersection as above. The city hall is still located in the same place, however has a different siding, changing the look of it.  The old Wee Drop Inn building is now functioning as a church building.  The IGA is now being operated by Bob Bromley, the son of  Dick Bromley.  (Bob Bromley is also the current Mayor of the town.)   The drug store moved next to Bromley's store and the old building is currently vacant of businesses.  There is an unoccupied building on the right side (formerly El Nopal restaurant).  In the right foreground, the True Value Hardware store has been torn down and replaced by the Bank of America.


  1. Can I just say, I miss the old water fountain that was in front of city hall...also the same building the library once was in before it moved to its current location. I have fond memories of playing with the fountain as a young child while my Grandma ran the library.

  2. Me too! I wonder where the drinking fountain disappeared to?