Monday, January 27, 2014

Highway Garage - Circa 1915 - 1922

Photographs provided with permission from the private collection of Donald Kohler.
This is a wonderful photograph of the Highway Garage in Sumas, WA.  According to the contributor of this photograph, the business was owned and operated by Franklin Pierce Kohler and his father-in-law, James Ashbury Bussert.  Mr.  Donald Kohler was wondering if this business was somehow connected to the Highway Garage that was in Ferndale, WA.
 It looks as if there was a church behind the garage. Could that be the old Methodist Church?

The inside of the Highway Garage in Sumas, WA. The two men at the left are identified a owner,  Franklin Pierce Kohler and his father-in-law, James Ashbury Bussert  It appears that James Ashbury Bussert died July 19, 1916, so this dates the interior picture before then.
Thank you Mr. Don Kohler for sharing this phenomenal bit of family history.  This is much appreciated. 



  1. This so reminds me of dad's old shop!! Great pic! Looks like it may be situated across the street from where they Chevron was built.

  2. I'll try to find an early pic of the "Border Chevron".

  3. That is the old Methodist Church behind the station! I was able to identify the steeple with old pictures of the church itself (they will be posted at a later date.) This places the feed store/garage at on Cherry street on the north side of 2nd Street. We are looking east towards the mountains. It was where the Breckenridge Dairy Mart is currently.