Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Highway Garage listing in the 1921-1922 business journal

Pictures and documentations posted with permission of contributor Don Kohler.
The 1921 - 1922 business directory listing the Highway Garage in Sumas, WA.  It lists the proprietors as being Frank Kohler and J. A. Bussert.   Does anyone knows where their competitor, O.K. Garage was located in Sumas? 

According to Mr. Donald Kohler,  James Ashbury Bussert was Frank Kohler's father-in-law.  According the gravestone at the Woodlawn Cemetery south of Ferndale,  James Ashbury Bussert was born October 7, 1847 and died July 19, 1916.  James' wife.  Laura Jane Bussert  was born October 26, 1856 and died May 25, 1944.


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