Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sumas Central School - 1913

Scanned with permission  from an original photograph in a private collection.

By studying the location in the 1913 picture of the town of Sumas it appears that the tower of the Sumas Central School faced north with the picture taken facing south east.

The date on the west side of the bell tower dates the school as being built in 1892.


  1. Beautiful old school! - do you know what happened to it? Torn down or fire??

  2. I am not certain. I was going to ask around at the library today and see if anyone knows.

  3. I haven't found a definite answer whether it was torn down or if it burned. The folks at the city hall seemed to think it was torn down. I will keep looking for the answer.

  4. Do you know where this building stood in Sumas?